Destination How: Backpacking Krabi on a Budget

After a week darting around Krabi, this province in southern Thailand is one that definitely qualifies for a second go around. With an endless number of things to do you could take two weeks here easily without ever going to the same place twice. If you’re a backpacker who enjoys a bit of off-the-grid feel […]

Into the Fire: How to Climb Mount Ijen

Of all the things I had planned when I first set out for Southeast Asia there were few that I looked forward to more than the chance to climb Mount Ijen. I’ve climbed my fair share of mountains but summiting one of two sulfuric volcanoes in the world amidst liquid yellow sulfur and mesmerizing blue […]

How to Get to Koh Chang Thailand

Koh Chang, or Elephant Island, is a true backpacker’s paradise. It’s relatively off the tourist trail (for Thailand that is) and out of sight/out of mind in the far east of the gulf. Flights are few and far between, not too mention costly. Here are a few of the better options for traveling to this […]