About BackPackHow?

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Hello! Great to have you here. My name is CJ, a 24 year old from the cornfields of the midwestern United States, and I run the BackPackHow? travel blog. First, a very important disclaimer: I’m a 100% normal guy. No trust fund, no Google business buyout, no inheritance. That being said I would like to think I have half a brain and hopefully my experiences can lend some assistance to others curious about getting out there and exploring this amazing planet.¬†Everyone knows where they want to be, this is a guide of how to get there!

After heading out for my first extended trip abroad (currently infected with the travel bug more than ever) I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I disappeared for months on end to circumnavigate the globe.¬†The key is preparation, which is truthfully 90% of success at anything in life. My goal is to document my travels accurately and provide realistic budgeting, planning, and destination information. You truly don’t have to be rich to experience paradise!

Sponsored content, paid for recommendations and reviews, free hotel rooms in exchange for a name drop in an article, not to be found here! If I review something, good or bad, it’s because of my experience not because an advertiser sent me a pay check and a script! I’m proud to say I have financed my travels off an average salary at an average job, no shortcuts. Anyone could do what I’m doing, it’s really that simple!